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Directorate of Research

Directorate of Research

Directorate of Research

   Research, which is a scholarly and creative endeavour of faculty leading to innovations and development, is a major pillar of strength in a university system. The advancement achieved through research and development contributes significantly to the academic excellence. However, in a multi-disciplinary and diversified university organisational set up, nurturing and promoting scientific excellence through faculty-driven research is a challenging task. In this regard, Directorate of Research (DoR) of the University of Calicut, established as a facilitation centre 18 April 2012 and plays a key role in providing focused attention in guiding and coordinating research activities of various departments and centres of the universities. The mission of the Directorate is to provide an encouraging ecosystem for promotion of research excellence and this is achieved through multifaceted tasks which include facilitating the initiation and organisation/implementation of research projects, coordination, monitoring and evaluation of student research.



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Directorate of Research
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