Department of Biotechnology

Guideship Orders

 Dr.Anu Joseph, Associate Professor

 Dr.Viji M O, Assistant Professor

 Dr.Gopinathan. C., Associate Professor 


Department of Botany

Guideship Orders
 Dr. Manju. C. Nair, Associate Professor

 Dr. Pramod. C., Assistant Professor

 Dr. Deepna Latha. K.P., Assistant Professor 

 Reinstating Guideship - Dr. M. Shamina, Assistant Professor

 Dr. Resmi. L., Assistant Professor


Department of Chemistry

Guideship Orders

 Dr.Rajeev S. Menon, Professor

 Dr.Susmita DE, Associate Professor

 Dr.Binitha N N, Professor 

 Dr. Suja.T.D.,Assistant Professor

 Dr. Fazalurahman. K., Assistant Professor

 Dr. Roymon Joesph, Assistant Professor

 Dr. Derry Holaday M.C., Assistant Professor



Department of Environment Science

Guideship Orders


Department of Life Science

Guideship Orders

 Dr. Denoj Sebastian, Associate Professor

 Dr. Emmanuel Simon, Assistant Professor of Biochemistry 



Department of Nanoscience & Technology

Guideship Orders
  Dr. Vijisha. K. Rajan, Assistant Professor 


Department of Physics

Guideship Orders

 Dr. Drisya. K., Assistant Professor 

 Dr. Zuhail K. P.,Assistant Professor


Department of Psychology

Guideship Orders

Department of Statistics

Guideship Orders

 Dr.Krishnarani S D, Associate Professor

 Dr. Dileepkumar. M., Assistant Professor 


Department of Zoology

Guideship Orders

 Dr.Sabu K Thomas, Professor

 Dr.Divya.L, Associate Professor

 Dr.Binu R, Assistant Professor

 Dr. Aneesh. E. M., Assisiant Professor 

 Dr. K. Sindhu, Assistant Professor 




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